Anchorage Meeting

Meeting opened at 12.15 pm with the current WBMA President, Bruce Roe, in the chair.

Those attending:-

WBMA Members

Handlebar Club- Rod Littlewood

Svenska Mustaschklubben- Dan Sederowsky

Snorrenclub Antwerpen- Ronnie Vermeulen

Den Norske Mustachclub av 91e- Ole Lokberg

1. Höfener Bart- und Schnorresclub 1985 e.V.- Jorg Diamantopoulos

Whisker Club- Bruce Roe

South Central Alaska Beard & Moustache Club- David Traver/Bob Gengler

Snorrenclub Flevoland- Proxy vote given to Jorg Diamantopoulos

As is usual, the meeting was open to non-members and was well attended by other interested parties.

The chairman, Bruce Roe, read the minutes of the last meeting in Brighton September 2nd 2007 .

Rod Littlewood then gave a brief description of the WBMA and its role for the benefit of those who attended but may not have been fully aware of it’s role.

The election of officers followed. Bruce Roe, the President, for the last 4 years had already announced his intention NOT to stand for re-election.

Hans Hamrin (Svenska Mustaschklubben-Sweden) was proposed as the new President and was elected unopposed.

Rod Littlewood (Handlebar Club-UK) and Wolfgang Stier (1. Höfener Bart- und Schnorresclub 1985 e.V-Germany) were proposed as vice-presidents and were duly elected.

Bruce Roe stepped down immediately and, as Rod Littlewood was the only member of the newly elected committee present, he took the chair. He then thanked Bruce Roe for his efforts during the last 4 years

Proposals for the hosting of the 2013 World Beard & Moustache Championship were then invited from anyone attending.

Ted Sedman introduced a DVD presentation from the Belle Moustache Club from Leinfelden- Echterdingen near Stuttgart , giving the President, Jurgen Burkhart’s apologies for not attending, as he and members of his club were attending another gathering in Hungary . He also pointed out that Belle Moustache had withdrawn their proposal to hold the Championship in 2011 in favour of Den Norske Mustachclub av 91e and urged members to vote for the proposal. Again any other proposals were called for.

As no other proposal was forthcoming the 2013 Championship was awarded to Belle Moustache

There then followed a presentation by Ole Lokberg from Den Norske Mustachclub av 91e  informing those present of what to expect at the next championship in Norway in 2011.

The meeting was then opened for any comments from those present.

Phil Olsen, Self Elected Captain and Founder, of Beard Team USA then made a number of comments. He disagreed with the WBMA’s definition of a club and felt that a one club one vote system for selecting future championships was not truly representative of the views of those who attend the championships. He then made the following proposal as to how the hosts of future championships be selected.

1.  The registered contestants at each WBMC shall select the location of the next WBMC (two years in the future) by majority vote.
2.  Each registered contestant shall have one vote.
3.  Voting shall be by secret ballot.
4.  No two consecutive WBMC’s shall take place on the same continent.

A lively discussion then followed with views being put forward by those present expressing a variety of views.

The chairman then said that his proposals would be put to all the members of WBMA

Rod Littlewood then closed the meeting at 1.40

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