Brighton Meeting

Minutes of meeting of the World Beard and Moustache Association
held in Brighton, England, on 2nd September 2007.


Bruce Roe, President of WBMA presided.

The meeting was attended by the following members and several other distinguished guests.

1. Hohenzollern Bartclub Sigmaringen – Willi Chevalier
1. Pforzheimer Club den Bartfreunde – Gerhard Knapp
Brothers in Beards – Jörg Diamantopoulos
Den Norske Mustachclub – Erik Borthen
London Handlebar Club – Rod Littlewood
Hofener Bart- und Schnorresclub – Wolfgang Stier
Schnauz- und Bartclub Rheintal – Martin Trendle
Snorrenclub Antwerpen – Ronnie Vermeulen
Snorrenclub Flevoland Lelystad – Jos Straatsma
South Cent. Alaska Beard & Moustache Club – David Traver
Svenska Mustaschklubben – Dan Sederowsky
Whisker Club – Bruce Hagen
Proxy votes:
Bartclub Speyer –                            Martin Trendle
Club Barba e Baffi Grottaglie –      Martin Trendle
Club Barba e Baffi F.lli Locatelli – Martin Trendle

Four clubs had to leave for travel before the meeting was finished and gave their proxy votes on unresolved issues as follows:
Proxy votes were granted to Ronnie Verneulen from
1. Hohenzollern Bartclub Sigmaringen – Willi Chevalier
1. Pforzheimer Club den Bartfreunde – Gerhard Knapp
Hofener Bart- und Schnorresclub – Wolfgang Stier

Total number of clubs represented: 15.

Proxy vote for Brothers in Beards was granted to Dan Sederowsky although this club did not vote.

The meeting was called to order by Bruce Roe, President.

A short presentation was given from Carolyn Muegge-Vaughan of the Anchorage Visitors and Convention Bureau in anticipation of the 2009 championships.

Hans Hamrin stated that the represented clubs must be counted.  Roll call was then taken of the clubs present and their representatives as listed above.

Martin Trendle presented letters at this time from the 2 Italian Clubs granting him their proxy votes.  He also presented a letter from Phil Olsen.  The letter was read stating that “Beard Team USA hereby withdraws from the World Beard and Moustache Associate.”

The minutes of the Berlin meeting were distributed and read individually.

A proposal on voting procedures (see appendix B proposed by Phil Olsen) was presented by Bruce Roe.
General discussion followed. The members did not agree with having two years advance selection of a WBMA location but agreed it should be 4 years to give a club enough time to plan and prepare for the event.

It was also agreed there should be no restriction on having two consecutive world competitions on the same continent.

Discussion ended when the question was called for a decision on the proposed definition of a club.

Bruce Roe led discussion on the Proposed Definition of a Club (see appendix A)  The discussion continued with David Traver explaining how his club in Alaska conducts business.  A vote was taken with the definition of the club accepted as proposed.   Vote: 10 for the proposal and 4 against.  (Brothers in Beards did not vote)

A short report was given by Rod Littlewood on the Brighton championships.
3000 total attendance
2600 spectator tickets sold
At a later date information was provided that 12,500 pounds had been raised for two charities.  CHEERS TO THE LONDON HANDLEBAR CLUB!!!

Proposals were presented for the location of the 2011 championships.
Martin Trendle represented Schnauz- und Bartclub Rheintal and gave a short proposal for 2011 in Lichtenstein.
Eric Borthen represented Den Norske Mustachclub and proposed 2011 in Trondheim , Norway .
2011 would be their 20 year club anniversary.
May 17 is the National Constitution Day and competitors could join in the magnificent parade.  The competition would most likely be held on May 18.
The majority vote was for Norway .  (9 votes Norway – 5 votes Lichtenstein)

Bruce Roe spoke of the need for assistance as president and proposed having two vice-presidents.
It was also proposed that one of the vice presidents should have the ability to speak German.
Both items passed by a majority vote.

Bruce Roe and Martin Trendle were nominated for president and Bruce Roe was re-elected.   (9 to 5)
Nominations accepted for vice president were Martin Trendle and Hans Hamrin.

Hans Hamrin was elected.   (9 to 5)
Nominations for the second vice president position were Martin Trendle, Rod Littlewood and David Traver.  Reportedly Jörg Diamontopoulos was contacted by telephone and asked if he would accept a nomination to stand as vice-president but he declined.  The vote resulted in a tie (7 to 7) between Rod and Martin. After some discussion it was proposed and accepted to have both men be vice presidents for this next term.

There was a brief discussion and consensus that the association will accept clubs into membership when they qualify based on the accepted “Definition of a club”.

There was continued discussion that any person or club could be accepted as an associate member of the WBMA with no voting rights.

The decision was made that acceptance of members or associate members did not require a vote of association members.

The meeting was adjourned.


Appendix A

Proposed Definition of a Club

Minimum of ten registered members.
Executive board consisting of president, vice president and secretary/treasurer.
Established bylaws stating the purpose of the club, the executive structure, member descriptions including qualification, fees and meeting structures.
Regular meetings a minimum of four times per year.
Registration with the government where it is required, naming the board members and announcing changes in the president and bylaws.
Annual general meeting with election of officers.
Membership fee.
For a club to qualify as a member of the WBMA, that club must submit a “club statement” (Appendix C) and meet four of the seven items listed above.


Appendix B

Voting procedures proposed by Phil Olsen

1.  The registered contestants at each WBMC shall select the location of the
next WBMC (two years in the future) by majority vote.
2.  Each registered contestant shall have one vote.
3.  Voting shall be by secret ballot.
4.  Anyone wishing to host the next WBMC may make a written proposal to the WBMA and shall be permitted to make a presentation at the WBMC.
5.  No two consecutive WBMC’s shall take place on the same continent.


Appendix C

Club Statement

1. When was your club formed?
2. Name of executive committee members.  Name of president for public knowledge and others for members only.  This would help people who would like to visit you at a meeting to better understand the club structure and address the committee in an appropriate manner.
President –
Vice-President –
Secretary –
Treasurer –
Webmaster –
3. WBMA contact person.
4. Number of members?
5. Is your club registered with your government?
6. Has your club established bylaws?  If so those can be forwarded for members only knowledge.
7. Do you have regular meetings?  If so, when do you hold these meetings or special events?  Someone may want to join you if they are in your area.
8. In how many world competitions have you or your members competed?
9. Do club members intend to compete in future world competitions?
10. Has your club organized competitions in the past?  If so which competition?
11. Does your club have specific goals?  Hosting future competitions or supporting charities may be examples you would like to include.  Do you just enjoy the friendship among those with facial hair?
12. What language or languages are read and spoken by your club?
13. Do you have a website that you would like others to see?  If so please supply the address and the webmaster for link exchange.
14. Is your club interested in helping others form a club?  If so what is the contact point?
15. Other information you would like to include.

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