Minutes from the WBMA meeting in Leinfelden-Echterdingen
the 3rd of November 2013.

Before the meeting, on the 1st of November, the board had a meeting with representatives from the VDB, Verband Deutsche Bartclubs (Association of German Beard Clubs).
They applied for membership in the WBMA for the 10 German clubs. Since we know that they are well established clubs, we accepted and welcomed following clubs as members:

  • Ostbayrischer Bart- und Schnauzerclub 1996 e.V.Leinfelden_frame
  • Bart & Kulturclub ”Belle moustache”
  • BC Haddamshausen-Hermershausen 1980
  • Schwäbischer Bart- und Schnauzerclub Schömberg e.V. 1991
  • Bartclub Steinau / Gruendau 1984 e.V.
  • 1.Pforzheimer Club der Bartfreunde e.V. 1993
  • 1.Berliner Bart-Club 1996 e.V.
  • 1.Höfener Bart- und Schnorresclub 1985 e.V.
  • Bart- und Schnauzerclub Hesel-Ostfriesland
  • Schnauz- und Bartclub Urdorf

These clubs will all be represented by the VDB president at the WBMA meetings.


The meeting was opened by the president Hans Hamrin
Hans Hamrin was elected chairman and Dan Sederowsky secretary for the meeting.

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There were two applications for the World Championship 2017:

Austin Texas and Liechtenstein.

Bryan Nelson made a short presentation of how they would arrange the championship in

Austin and Martin Trendle made the same for Liechtenstein. (Bryan promised sunshine!!)

A secret ballot was made and Austin was elected 17-0.


There was a discussion whether it shall be two or four years between the WC´s.
The meeting decided that we shall continue with two years and that they will alternate

between Europe and the US

This means:

2015  Europe, Leogang

2017  USA. Austin

2019  Europe

2021  USA


Hans Hamrin was elected president for the next two years. Bruce Roe, Rod Littlewood and Wolfgang Stier were elected as vice presidents for the same period.
The meeting decided to keep the recognized classes in the championships and let the arranging club add other classes for their event.
Liectenstein applied for the championship 2019.

The meeting was closed with the congratulations to Austin and hoping that we all meet again in Leogang 2015.


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