Trondheim Meeting

World Beard & Moustache Association (WBMA) Meeting
Trondheim May 16 th 20 11

Minutes from the 5th Bi-Annual General Meeting of the World Beard and Moustashe Association.
Held at Prinsen Hotel, Trondheim, Norway the 16 May 2011.

· The meeting was opened by President Hans Hamrin.

· Elected officers of the meeting were Hans Hamrin as President and Dan Sederowsky as secretary.

At the meeting there were 6 member clubs present

  • Svenska Mustaschklubben
  • The Handlebar Club
  • Whisker Club
  • Den Norske Mustachklubb av 91
  • South Central Alaskan Beard & Moustache Club
  • Snorrenclub Antwerpen

Four new clubs were accepted.

  • Austin Facial Hair Club
  • Foundation for Facial Follicles
  • The British Beard Club
  • Belle Moustache

A proposal from VDB via President Willi Preuss about holding WBMC every fourth year instead of every second, was REJECTED.

A proposal from Bruce Roe about letting the elected officers make decisions of lower priority issues without having the member clubs voting was, ACCEPTED, (but the decision could be overturned by a vote of the majority of the member clubs).

* There was only one proposal for WBMC 2015 at the start of the meeting, during the meeting both the Austin Facial Hair Club and the Foundation for Facial Follicles made proposals. The WBMA rules state that a proposal shall be presented to the member clubs 90 days prior to the meeting, therefore the meeting adjourned for four months. It was DECIDED that anyone who wants to propose for WBMC 2015 can do so within a month from today, and that the decision will be made 90 days after.

* Officers elected for the next 2 years were, as President Hans Hamrin and as Vice presidents Rod Littlewood, Wolfgan Stier and Bruce Roe.

* Steve Parsons announced a competition in UK in September 2012, “The Open British Beard and Moustache Championships”, a cooperation between The British Beard Club and The Handlebar Club.

At the keyboard

President Hans Hamrin and Dan Sederowsky.

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